Saturday, June 18, 2011

Love Like Crazy ~ Stephanie & Chris Wedding Day

May 28th we loaded up and headed to Fargo for Stepanie's Wedding, Family and Friends!

Matthew and Daniel were very excited to have a job to do!

Amy and Teresa

While Grandma Karen was getting all pretty, Dakota and I got to spend some time quality time talking and cuddling!

Devin and Savanna, they have become great friends!

The Manikowski's

Stephanie, Daniel, Anna, Matthew, Chris

Nick, Stephanie, Teresa

Karen, Chris, Stephanie, Darrell

The Cake, loved the horse shoes!

Gaskill Cousins!
Ian, Nick, Stephanie, Teresa, Rhandi, Amber

Rhandi, Ian, Gwen, Reg, Amber

Dance like nobody is watching!
The kids has such a great time

Aunt Janet and Kris, with Baby Dakota

We are all so excited to have Chris added to the Family!

We had such a great weekend, just went to fast and wanted to have more time with all the family and friends that came to visit!!!
Hope all is well and your summer is going great!
Love and God Bless
Nick, Amy, Savanna, Daniel, Matthew